Telephone Interview Tips

A telephone interview is your gateway to the hiring process. Confirm who will initiate the telephone call to whom.  Make sure both you and the interviewer have each other’s telephone number, cialis just in case either of you needs to reschedule.  Always keep your recruiter in the loop.

Conduct the telephone interview away from your office if possible.  We recommend placing a mirror in front of you; your smile will shine through loud and clear.  Over the telephone it is impossible to read body language in order to determine how well you are being received by the interviewer.  By seeing your own reflection in the mirror, hospital you might imagine what facial expressions and body language the interviewer is displaying in response to your answers to the questions.  Don’t laugh – it works!

Hiring managers will often screen three or more qualified candidates before deciding which ones they want to bring in for a personal interview.  Show enthusiasm for the position and ask how you may go to the next step.

Start telephone and personal interviews with a warm-up, rx get acquainted stage.  Engage the interviewer in an informal conversational manner.  Try to connect in a chatty way in order to get both of you to relax.  Ask the interviewer professionally related personal questions which should help you target your responses when the more formal Q&A begins

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Never criticize an employer.  Always speak positively about present and former employers and related experiences.  It is inappropriate and dangerous to complain about a former supervisor or previous situation.  Present educational value in your negative experiences and speak from that viewpoint.  Relate your work experience directly to the needs of the organization.  Examples of past accomplishments effectively demonstrate your abilities.

Communicate in an articulate, organized manner, being concise in your answers.  Ask a clarifying “either/or” question if you are unsure of the appropriate answer they are seeking.

The question and answer stage will take up most of the interview, especially if you ask open-ended questions to learn more about their needs prior to answering penetrating questions.  Before answering a question, make absolutely sure you understand the question.  A good technique is to repeat the question and ask the hiring manager for clarification, perhaps to restate the question in another way.  There is nothing worse than giving a quick wrong answer to a question you do not really understand.

What salary are you looking for?  We recommend that you do not give a figure, rather you remain truly open for the right opportunity.  Save your questions on benefits, vacation, sick leave, etc., for discussion after you have received an offer.