We would like to make you aware of something you will surely go through before it occurs – the fear of change. Understanding that fear now will allow you to work through and maintain a logical thought process.

At the time of an offer, search many become scared and uncertain. We expect you to get nervous. Making an important change is one of the most frightening things a professional can do. However, drugstore if we work together, we do not expect you to lose your business logic.

You must build your emotional strength during the interview process so that this fear of change does not stand in the way of good change. The fear of facing your co-workers, your mentor or your boss and saying that, “I am leaving”, can be traumatic. But, the trauma is over very quickly and progress begins immediately.

We must work as a team to commit to the opportunity that is the right one for you. 

In the same way we protect your confidentiality at Wells, Bradley & Associates, we ask that you protect ours when you resign from your present company. Thank you

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