Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes Are Crucial!

You must take the time to sit down and write a brief thank you note to each person you interviewed with that day.  Comment on your meeting, find the issues discussed, what benefits you can bring to them, and underscore your interest in the position. ?This note serves several purposes in addition to common courtesy:

  1. If you are not interested in the position, nurse a thank you card may gain you additional leads to positions you would have an interest in.
  2. If things went well and you are hopeful of being invited back, then the thank you letter can reiterate your interest in further talks.
  3. It demonstrates your attention to detail and your willingness to do the job right.  At the same time, it puts you back in the spotlight!
  4. Lastly, the thank you note gives you an opportunity to correct any wrong impression you left behind.  You can add anything you forgot to tell them.  You can reinforce anything that you want to stand out in their minds.