Preparing For The Interview

Many job seekers spend a lot of time preparing a resume but assume since they are in the business that they can easily wing any interview.  Although the resume may get you job interviews, decease to win job offers you must prepare yourself further. This is your chance to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack and that takes preparation on your part.

There are basic questions that you can ask yourself that will help you ready yourself for any interview.

1. Your passion for the business – Give a list of specific examples of things that excite you.

  • Why are you interested in working in this field and in this industry?
  • Why are you interested in working in your specific division?
  • Why are you interested in working with a specific clientele?

2. Skills and experience – Be specific about the skills & experience you bring to the table.

  • List specific licenses, tadalafil degrees, and programs, tools you use that are important to this job.
  • Sell your experience by using numbers to back up what you say.
  • Use numbers that measure your abilities, portfolio size, number of clients, number of loans, and size of credits…

3. Accomplishments – these are your selling points that make you stand out above your peers.

  • Once again use numbers whenever possible

-Won Top Dog Award for being the top producer out of 20 employees
-Awarded Top Dog Award for developing a new model that saved the company $2 million dollars.

4. Your compatibility with the job, the culture and your manager –

  • This is essential; making a job change is a big step. It needs to be the right fit.

5. Motivation & purpose – every employer will want to know why you are looking?

  • Be careful not to badmouth your current employer. Take the high road and find something positive to say about where you are at today, and then mention – your reason for looking –I have learned a tremendous amount where I am, but at this point in my career… no upward mobility, culture has changed, no advancement potential, closer to home…whatever the reason.
  • Make sure you understand why you are looking at a new opportunity. Upward mobility, ability to serve your specific cliental better, ability to get with a larger organization, ability to get with a smaller organization, ability to get into a leadership role, ability to get under a superstar who is willing to mentor

6. Career aspirations – what are your 3, 5 and 10-year plans.

  • Make sure your career aspirations are a possibility …if you absolutely want to be in a management role within 5 years, make sure that the potential is there if you meet certain criteria or make sure this position will give you the experience or skills necessary to continue to move up the ladder moving toward your long term goal.

7. Interest in the organization –Make sure you research the company!

  • Today with the Internet searching a company could not be any easier. Always go out and read their entire website, this will give you information on the financials of the company, culture, philosophy, company products and services.
  • Read any recent articles published about the company.
  • All the research will help you answer, “Why do you want to work for us?” and it will let you ask intelligent questions at the end of the interview.

8. Interest in their products and/or services that they offer.

  • Understand how their products and services are different than what you are offering today.
  • What are the selling points that they have that you don’t have where you are?

9. Problem solving abilities – most positions are looking to solve problems or deal with challenges.

  • Every job is solving a problem … Make sure what someone with your expertise will be responsible for and be ready to tell them how you would go about it…i.e. how would you go about starting up a new market?  What would you do to get specific results that they are after
  • Be ready to state the problem, the result, and what you had to do to get those results.  (Re: Developed Model to, developed portfolio by, put together a learn by, improves earnings by….)


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. Management style – everyone works better with a specific type of manager. What type of manager do you enjoy working for?

  • Aggressive – Competitive, Decisive, Direct, Likes Immediate Results.
  • Persuasive – Persuasive, Poised, optimistic, Likes lots of People.
  • Supportive – Patient, Reliable, Good Listener, Likes Security.
  • Analytical – Precise, Prepared, Plans thoroughly, Likes  “no” Mistakes.