Behavorial Interviews – Sample Questions

1.  Give me an example of when you brought revenue to the company.  They are looking for :IDEA–APPROACH-RESULT

2.  What lessons have you learned about keeping the customer satisfied? How did you learn them? Give me an example that illustrates how you have used that lesson.  They are looking for: LESSON-HOW LEARNED-EXAMPLE-RESULT

3. Think of a major sales presentation that you made. What was your approach?  Explain how the sale developed.  They are looking for DESCRIBE PRESENTATION-APPROACH-RESULT

4.  What have you learned about sales in the last _____ years? Give some examples of how you have used this knowledge. They are looking for SITUATION-WHAT LEARNED- HOW USED KNOWLEDGE- RESULT

5.  What information have you been required to analyze? Describe one of your most difficult analyses. They are looking for: INFORMATION-WHY DIFFICULT-HOW ANALYZED-CONCLUSION

6.  Describe some tough or tricky situations in which you had to talk to people to obtain information you needed to make an important decision or recommendation. They are looking for SITUATION/INFO NEEDED- ACTION/HOW INFO OBTAINED – RESULT

7.  Tell me about a time when you had to review detailed reports or documents to identify a problem. They are looking for: SITUATION/REPORTS-ACTION/HOW REVIEWED-CONCLUSION

8.  Tell me about a time when you persuaded someone to do something. What was the situation? How did you persuade the person? They are looking for: SITUTATION-HOW PERSUADED- RESULT

9.  Walk me through a situation in which you had to obtain information by asking  a lot of questions of several people. How did you know what to ask? They are looking for: SITUATION- WHY THOSE QUESTIONS- RESULTS

10.  Tell me about a difficult customer (internal or external) with whom you had to deal. Why was he/she difficult? What did you do? They’re looking for SITUATION-WHY DIFFICULT-ACTION-RESULT